What are the different Project Report stages?

‘Not Created’ report stage

When the reporting quarter commences, all reported project reports (except those that were completed/terminated/merged) are in the ‘Not Created’ stage.

‘Draft’ report stage

When you start creating the report and save it half way, the report will be in the ‘Draft’ stage.

‘Internal Review’ report stage

When the project user or reporting coordinator submits the project report to internal review, the project report is updated and ready to be taken OFFLINE to get senior executives’ attestation and approval. Please note that when a project sits in Internal Review report stage, the project report is not going to the senior executives automatically.
The reporting coordinator has the responsibility to print out the report (use ‘Print Report’ function on the top of the project card) and get approval OFFLINE before coming back to the system to approve internal review and submit to DPC.

‘Pending Submission’ report stage

The project report has completed internal review and received approval OFFLINE and the reporting coordinator has clicked on “approve internal review” in the system.

‘Submitted’ report stage

The project report is in the ‘Submitted’ stage when the report has been completed and submitted to DPC.
You need to ensure you have received approval and written attestation from responsible senior executive(s) that all in-scope projects have been reported with accurate data. You need to tick the attestation statement, based on received written confirmation, before you can submit the project reports to DPC
After submission, no changes can be made to the project report until the next quarterly reporting cycle.