Q. When is the project report due?
A. DPC Quarterly reports are due at the end of the following month of each quarter. E.g. Q1 will be due at the end of
April. Q2 will be due at the end of July and so on. For more information contact DPC VIC at

Q. Can I submit project status report for the existing quarter?
A. No. you can only submit project status reports only after the quarter is complete, during the reporting period.

Q. Do I need a project plan to do status reporting?
A. If a project is in ‘Deliver’ stage, a baselined project plan is required to do a project status report.

Q. How can I print a report?
A. Go to the project page.

Q. Why can’t I submit the report to DPC?
A. There are several possibilities:

• You may not be the Project Reporting Coordinator of the project.
• Project plan may not be baselined.
•  Overall Status in the report may not be updated.
• Mandatory information in the project plan may be missing – check all the cards
• Current Quarter is not complete
• Status report has not been internally reviewed

Q. If I am the reporting coordinator for all the projects in my agency, do I still have to submit the reports for internal review?
A. Yes. To ease this step we have provided Bulk Actions for Reporting.

Q. Does my project need a Project Manager and Project Sponsor to approve status report before submitting to DPC?
A. No. A reporting coordinator can perform all the approval steps before submitting to DPC.

Q. Can I submit multiple reports at once?
A. Yes you can. Through the Bulk Reporting actions, it is possible submit multiple reports to DPC at once. Go to Project Dashboard. Click on More Actions button on the top left of the project table and look for STATUS REPORT BULK ACTIONS. You can even send multiple files for internal review and approve multiple reports through the options under the More Actions button.

Q. My project is in Delivery Stage. But the Status Report fields are related to Initiation Stage.. Why is that?
A. You are always reporting for the previous quarter. It is possible that the project was in the Initiation stage in the
previous quarter, which is why the Status Report will be for the Initiated Stage.