Q. Where can I see my projects?
A. The Project Dashboard has the list of all the projects that belong to your agency or department. On the Home Page,
click the project dashboard card to navigate to the project list.

Q. How can I search for my project?
A. You can use the ‘Search’ box at the top of the projects list to search for any project information that you have access to.

Q. Where can I see closed projects?
A. In the Project Dashboard, click on the All Projects tab to view Closed projects.

Q. What are Active projects?
A. Active projects include projects in ‘Initiate’; and ‘Deliver’; stages.

Q. What are Inactive projects?
A. Inactive projects include ‘Completed’, ‘Terminated’, ‘Merged’ and ‘Postponed’ projects. ‘Completed’, ‘Terminated’ and ‘Merged’ projects are considered as Closed projects.

Q. Can I close a project any time?
A. Yes, you can change the stage of the project to ‘Closed’ from any of the other stages at any time.

Q. How can I add a new project?
A. Go to Project Dashboard. Click on the Add Project button on the top of the project list table.

Q. How can I delete a project?
A. Currently you cannot delete projects. In exceptional cases you can contact Enterprise Services DPC.

Q. Why can’t I edit Project details?
A. There are several possibilities
• You may not be the Project Reporting Coordinator or the Project Manager of the project.

Q. Why can’t I edit the Project Plan?
A. There may be missing mandatory information in the project details on the Project page.

Q. Why do I need to Baseline the project plan?

Q. Why is the Baseline button disabled?
A. Project Plan mandatory information may be missing.

Q. Do I have to wait for the current quarter to finish before I add a new project?
A. You can add a new project at any time. However you may submit project status reports only after the quarter is complete.

Q. How to I add comments to my projects?
A. Click on the ‘Notes’ icon for the required project in the Projects list to add comments as required. You can also add
comments by drilling down into the project and clicking the ‘Notes’ icon on the top right hand side of the project header.

Q. Who can see my project’s comments/notes ?
A. Anyone with access to the project, such as the Project Manager, the Project Sponsor, the Reporting Coordinator and the Admin at DPC will be able to see the project’s comments/notes.