SDZ User Navigation 101

SDZ User Navigation 101

  1. Click Risk Management in the main menu.

The Workspace screen of the Risk Management module is displayed.

You can create a risk assessment for a risk plan in the following categories:

  • Organisation
  • Project
  • Miscellaneous

Each category has a dedicated tab in the Workspace screen.

On the Risk Plans tab, select the tab of the category that you want to create a risk assessment for.
l If you are creating a risk assessment in the Organisation tab, you can filter the list of divisions, branches, and sections by selecting a specific unit in the lists at the top of the list of risk plans.



You can filter the list on just a particular division, or you can add a branch, or a branch and a section.
l If you are creating a risk assessment in the Miscellaneous tab for a new risk plan, your first task is to create an entry in the risk plan list:
a. Click Create Other Risk Plan in the upper-right corner of the list of risk plans.
b. Select a risk assessment category, and enter the basic details of the risk plan.
c. Click Save. You can now continue with the rest of this procedure and add a risk assessment.


Click View/Update for the item that you want to create a risk assessment for.
4. Click in the upper-right corner.
5. Enter the Context and select a Risk Plan Owner, and then click Save.
6. Click New Risk in the upper-right corner.
7. Enter the details of the risk assessment, and then click Save.
The new risk assessment is displayed in the main screen.
8. Click in the row of the new risk assessment to complete the risk assessment details.


When you edit a risk assessment, the information is grouped in collapsible sections. The first section is expanded by default. To view and edit another section, click the section’s title bar.
9. Enter details for the risk assessment in all sections.

l To add a risk rating in the risk matrix, select a likelihood on the vertical axis and a consequence on the horizontal axis.



When the details of the risk assessment are complete, click Save in the upper-right corner.