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13 January 2019

Custom fields can have a huge impact on the performance of your instance, especially if they’re not configured in the best way. Now, you can scan your custom fields and SDZ will highlight those that can be optimised.

You can also view the highlighted custom fields and projects that use them and change their configuration with the click of a button. All of this without the risk of affecting your issues, projects, or the values stored in your custom fields. Learn more at Optimising custom fields.

SuggestionSDZSERVER-16722Give an ability to disable days in column globallyRESOLVED
BugSDZSERVER-16227Dragging sub-tasks to status 'Done' in an Agile board will give error on IE 11CLOSED
BugSDZSERVER-15322Board Config page does not indicate that a filter is shared with "Any Logged-In user"CLOSED
BugSDZSERVER-13792JSON File Example provided on SDZ 7 documentation is not compatible with SDZ 7.CLOSED
SuggestionSDZSERVER-13037As an Administrator I want to make 'Days in column' set to false by default for new Kanban boardsRESOLVED
BugSDZSERVER-12357JQL autocomplete obscures view of the search text in board configurationCLOSED
SuggestionSDZSERVER-68509Update SDZ upgrade notesRESOLVED
BugSDZSERVER-68448Mistake in the SDZ Notification DocumentationCLOSED
SuggestionSDZSERVER-68132Update on SDZ Downloadable PDF Offline DocumentationRESOLVED
BugSDZSERVER-67809SDZ.startup.warnings.disable startup option missing from documentationCLOSED
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