Gravity Consulting was established in 2011 with a focus on helping create the future of work. With the release of Gravity’s first commercial product – StrategyDotZero – this vision is now being brought to life and making a real-world difference for our customers.  

Gravity and its wholly owned subsidiary StrategyDotZero are Australia based with its head office located in Canberra to capitalize on the Federal Government market.  

The company has initially targeted the Australian eastern seaboard and plans to establish offices in Brisbane, Sydney and Victoria. Gravity also scales its software development and innovation activities through its wholly owned Bangalore subsidiary, Business Studio Private Ltd.

CEO Vision

I have had a passionate focus for decades on creating new ways of working – leveraging the latest approaches to business and emerging technologies to transform how people work together to achieve and perform. My focus, and that of all of the StrategyDotZero team, has been to empower our clients and their organisation to gain both immediate benefits from the adoption of these new ways of working but to also to be able to continue to evolve and capitalise on emerging opportunities and newer technologies as they become available.

We seek to challenge the status quo – because something has taken months to do previously is not a good reason to assume that it should always take so long – we strive to help individuals and organisations achieve faster – with less effort – and greater insight into how they can optimise their own effort to drive higher levels of performance.

Our Journey

  • 2017 to Date:

    • Beginning of Microsoft Alliance, focus on SDZ sales & co-creating future of work
    • Gravity refocuses its sales and development effort on StrategyDotZero
    • Sales of StrategyDotZero accelerate to government sector clients - migrating innovation clients to StrategyDotZero customers
    • Gravity forms partnership with Microsoft to help further accelerate sales
    • Gravity initiating partnerships with Management Consulting Channel Partners
  • 2016 – 2017

    • Completion of Minimum Viable Product & acquisitions of early adopters
    • StrategyDotZero Minimum Viable Product completed
    • Early adopters - PM&C and Agriculture
    • Experience Design and Visualisation continues to accelerate with over 50 clients
  • 2015 – 2016

    • Early prototyping and market testing
    • The Company focuses on developing next generation strategy technologies
      that will become the core to the Company’s future product lines
    • Early prototyping and market testing undertaken to help form the Minimum Viable Product
    • Significant uptake of innovation and visualisation services
  • 2011 - 2014

    • Company founded with focus on Government Clients
    • Gravity Consulting Pty Ltd focuses on Federal Government Clients
    • Consulting and Experience Services growth
    • Initial prototypes of modules which later migrate to StrategyDotZero