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7.0 Release Notes

27 August 2018

Custom fields optimiser

Custom fields can have a huge impact on the performance of your instance, especially if they’re not configured in the best way. Now, you can scan your custom fields and SDZ will highlight those that can be optimised.

You can also view the highlighted custom fields and projects that use them and change their configuration with the click of a button. All of this without the risk of affecting your issues, projects, or the values stored in your custom fields. Learn more at Optimising custom fields.


New look and feel of the Custom fields page

To improve SDZ performance and make the Custom fields page easier to read, we've introduced pagination. Now, instead of browsing a long list of all custom fields, you can enjoy them in page by page. Additionally, the linked contexts and screens are no longer presented in a list but nested under a hyperlink in separate pop-ups. To help you find what you need faster, we've also added quick search to the page.

If you're a SDZ admin, go ahead and check it out at  > Fields > Custom fields.

Share edit rights for filters and dashboards

We all love filters here, as they let you quickly display popular search results, and share them with other team members. Until now, however, making any changes to filters that you didn’t create was virtually impossible (or required a lot of little filter clones).

Answering the call of our users, we’ve added new permissions to filters—now, you can choose viewers and editors of your filters, allowing your team to make any changes they need, whenever they need them. At first, we wanted to stop at that, but hey, dashboards are only a tab away from filters, so we brought these changes there too!

More search power!

If you've linked your development tools to SDZ Software, you can now search by even more parameters when performing a search. We introduced development information to advanced search in SDZ 7.9, to basic search in SDZ 7.11, and now we've improved on that list of parameters available.

This gives you more power to fine tune your searches and filters, and make sure you can pinpoint the issues that really matter to you.

Copying the index to other nodes (SDZ Software Data Center)

We’ve changed the default compression method used when copying the whole index to other nodes in the cluster, significantly speeding up this process. The whole index is copied to other nodes when they join the cluster for the first time, come back after being offline for a long time, or are far behind with the updates for some other reason. Until now, the default method was to ZIP the index before copying it, which was taking way more time than we wanted. To improve that, we’re now using Google’s Snappy.

To give you some numbers: on a 5GB index, the replication time improved from over 5 minutes to 48 seconds (tested with shared home on Amazon EFS with 100MB/s write speed). We had to make a tradeoff here, increasing the final size of this sample index from 2GB to 3GB, but it still looks like well worth it!

Boost SDZ performance

Considerable numbers of issues on your board can slow SDZ down. If you have this experience, you can now decide for SDZ to run faster! As a SDZ admin you can now decide whether or not you want to disable the Days in column indicator on your Kanban boards or enable it on Scrum boards. Visually displaying time on cards might help your team manage stagnating issues. However, disabling the option improves SDZ performance.

Go to  >  Applications > SDZ Software configuration to disable the option.

Small improvements to make your day

  • Moving uncompleted issues right into a new sprint

    Until now, when you completed a sprint with some unfinished issues inside, you could move them either to the backlog or to the one of existing inactive sprints. Now, you can also create a new sprint (and move the issues there) right from the dialog that displays after completing a sprint.

Resolved issues

Issues resolved in 7.12.0

Released on 27 August 2018

SuggestionSDZSERVER-16722Give an ability to disable days in column globallyRESOLVED
BugSDZSERVER-16227Dragging sub-tasks to status 'Done' in an Agile board will give error on IE 11CLOSED
BugSDZSERVER-15322Board Config page does not indicate that a filter is shared with "Any Logged-In user"CLOSED
BugSDZSERVER-13792JSON File Example provided on SDZ 7 documentation is not compatible with SDZ 7.CLOSED
SuggestionSDZSERVER-13037As an Administrator I want to make 'Days in column' set to false by default for new Kanban boardsRESOLVED
BugSDZSERVER-12357JQL autocomplete obscures view of the search text in board configurationCLOSED
SuggestionSDZSERVER-68509Update SDZ upgrade notesRESOLVED
BugSDZSERVER-68448Mistake in the SDZ Notification DocumentationCLOSED
SuggestionSDZSERVER-68132Update on SDZ Downloadable PDF Offline DocumentationRESOLVED
BugSDZSERVER-67809SDZ.startup.warnings.disable startup option missing from documentationCLOSED
SuggestionSDZSERVER-67732Copying index snapshots between Data Center nodes should be fasterRESOLVED
BugSDZSERVER-67717Connecting to SQL 2014 documentation has a incorrect example in the dbconfig.xmlCLOSED
BugSDZSERVER-67697Browse projects responds with 500 when any issue has issuetype=null in databaseCLOSED
BugSDZSERVER-67638Issue label is not properly shown in IE11CLOSED
SuggestionSDZSERVER-67621Performance (APDEX) monitoring for SDZRESOLVED
BugSDZSERVER-66220Issue collector template preview is blank when using a custom templateCLOSED
BugSDZSERVER-64976Include firewall configuration into SDZ docsCLOSED
BugSDZSERVER-63518Filter Details view does not indicate that a filter is shared with "Any Logged-In user"CLOSED
BugSDZSERVER-63126JIRA executes unnecessary ALTER TABLE operation for AO tables each restartCLOSED
BugSDZSERVER-41088"Where is my field?" throws 500 NPE in the Create Issue windowCLOSED
Showing 20 out of 23 issues

Issues resolved in 7.12.1

Released on 5 September 2018

BugSDZSERVER-67891NullPointer exception when trying the View Issues links from the Project statistics pageCLOSED
BugSDZSERVER-67871Error when pasting a JQL filter in the URL with a particular ID (e.g project = 10000)CLOSED
BugSDZSERVER-67746SDZ will not reindex filters if indexing anything else failsCLOSED
BugSDZSERVER-67727SDZ stops project import after failing to create a non-mandatory userCLOSED
SuggestionSDZSERVER-66241Embed latest java critical security update ( or higher) into the next SDZ (sub)versionRESOLVED
BugSDZSERVER-65056SDZ Restore failing with java.lang.NullPointerExceptionCLOSED
BugSDZSERVER-63099SDZ doesn't detect and report problem caused during reindexingCLOSED
7 issues

Issues resolved in 7.12.2

Released on 19 September 2018, removed on 21 September 2018

This release has been removed because of a bug, and should not be used.

If you have already installed it, where we described extra steps you need to complete after the Apache Tomcat upgrade.

Issues resolved in 7.12.3

Released on 12 October 2018

SDZSERVER-16777IE11: Kanplan backlog view fails to load due to JS error in EpicsInlineDialogBugSep 12, 2018Dec 21, 2018 UnassignedKrzysztof KepinskiLowCLOSEDFixed
SDZSERVER-68140Open redirect in many resources - CVE-2018-13402BugOct 23, 2018Dec 14, 2018 UnassignedSecurityBMediumCLOSEDFixed
SDZSERVER-68139Open redirect in the XsrfErrorAction resource - CVE-2018-13401BugOct 23, 2018Dec 14, 2018 UnassignedSecurityBMediumCLOSEDFixed
SDZSERVER-68138Several administrative resources missing WebSudo (improper access control vulnerability) - CVE-2018-13400BugOct 22, 2018Dec 14, 2018 UnassignedSecurityBMediumCLOSEDFixed
SDZSERVER-68058Upgrade Tomcat to the version 8.5.32BugOct 08, 2018Dec 21, 2018 Piotr SuwalaAndriy YakovlevLowCLOSEDFixed
SDZSERVER-67974JQL input missing from saved filterBugSep 20, 2018Jan 04, 2019 Piotr SuwalaPrzemyslaw CzujHighestCLOSEDFixed
SDZSERVER-67946Favourite filters missing in Mobile browser viewSuggestionSep 17, 2018Dec 21, 2018 UnassignedDavid Ung RESOLVEDFixed
SDZSERVER-67929Unable to preview image or PDF file in SDZBugSep 12, 2018Jan 04, 2019 Michal DyroBenz KekHighCLOSEDFixed
8 issues

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